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Rip The Sky by Mark Packard link to Amazon

A disturbed Vietnam veteran believes he can fly into different versions of his life in an infinite multiverse. As he struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, he uncovers a buried treasure inside his wounded heart that sends him soaring into his true home.

Drafted straight out of high school, Billy Worster is a naïve, pimply-faced teenager when he is the sole survivor of a deadly massacre, avoiding his certain death only because he runs away when the shooting starts. Riddled with guilt and shame, he comes home to a dusty Texas farm with the crazy notion that he can fly through doors in the sky that open into other worlds. Billy swears that he can see himself living a different life behind each door had he made different choices. And behind one door, Billy’s best life is in plain sight. But it’s just beyond his grasp, unable to be reached because of his broken spirit and memories of a bloody jungle.

Struggling with addiction, Billy is tossed into the legal system and ends up in the courtroom of Judge Madeline Johnston, a bitter old judge tormented by a dark secret surrounding her father’s death. After a ghastly crime launches them into the sky, Billy and the judge become an unlikely pair of time travelers on a shared odyssey of discovery and healing. Mysteriously intertwined, they must uncover a sacred message before opening the door to the radiant new life that awaits them.

Spanning forty years from the jungles of Vietnam through infinite, parallel worlds, Rip The Sky examines the power of forgiveness, the resiliency of the human spirit, and the curious possibility that with every choice we make in this world, we make a different choice in another.

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